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Just got three new straps to add to my collection. I’m super happy with all three.

First day on my wrist and I’m loving it. It need a different strap… but I need to give it a few days and think of what would look good :-)

An update

Back at my home office after more than 2 hard weeks. Lots of thoughts that do not revolve only about work. But… at the same time it is good to get back to work, occupy the head with broke code and unfinished projects. This month might be busy and challenging but I’m looking forward to it.

I went on a hike yesterday. We were climbing Polinina Wetlinska which is a part of Carpathian Mountain Range. Lovely day with lovely people :-)

Over the last few months I was trying to prepare for a half marathon in Chicago. Unfortunately my training didn’t go as expected and I had to cancel. This failure motivates me to work on myself and start my training from a ground up. Can’t build form in 2 months. Not anymore…

I don’t understand. People are willing to pay around ~$50 every month for netflix, Spotify, HBO, etc. Yet programmers are debating if subscription are ok and people will be able to pay. If I’m able to pay $$ for my entertainment then I will be able to pay monthly for software.

Rice fields at the delta de l’ebre river in south Cataluña.

If everything goes well, Bilengua will have its video ready in less than 24 hours. 💪🏃🏃🌪🎬

I did some research and cheap wine (even from Spain) does affect your next day productivity quite a lot … 0_o

Sending “Hey, I was able to solve the issue and everything works as we discussed now” message to a client feels really good!

iOS Programming question: Is it possible to send an email (use SMTP protocol) directly from an Apple Watch? I tried using WCSession and send emails on a phone (via SendGrid)… but I’m hitting certain limitations of WCSession during the connection.

Cataluña at 🌒.

While preparing for our September’s half marathon, we did 14km last week. Running around Tarragona is always fun but this aqueduct was definitely a highlight of our day.

I’m looking for interesting podcasts in Spanish to help me study the language. Any suggestions?

Back in tarragona and so excited about my new setup. I’m ready for a few uninterrupted weeks of work! Been missing consistency and work/life balance.

After a few weeks of owning an Apple Watch I wish it was Apple who bought Pebble. Why? Because there were lots of great things about my Pebble watch that I loved and appreciated every day and I miss while wearing Apple Watch.

In a few days I will have to decide between Core Data and Realm. If I go with Core Data, I will be able to take advantage of everything Apple does. If I implement Realm, it might be just a better way to make the app flexible and future proof…. Tough choice..

Every year around this time we hike in polish tartas. This time we climbed Giewont.

We’ve spent Monday and Tuesday on photoshoots with two fantastic companies from Chicago and Minneapolis. I’m so glad both sessions were well and we will be able to share our work soon.