Weird bug. Did any of you ever experienced that your paired EarPods are bothering random devices nearby? O opened the case and the battery level screen showed up on an iPhone of a random person sitting next to me on a plane. That is just not OK.

I just noticed I reached 100 posts on Just a year ago when this space wasn’t around, my blogging was close to nothing. Stupid, smart, funny, boring… now I have a place to share my thoughts. I like it in here :) Thanks @manton! 👍

Rock chalk jayhawk! 🏀⛹️🏿‍

I’m trying to decide on a new strap for my Seiko. The watch is pretty thick so the strap I have now looks kind of small. I’m thinking leather….but not sure about colors and stitching.

So it turns out that iOS users don’t update their phones with most recent iOS version right away. Vorto 1.0.3 with lower iOS requirements is on its way….

I did a boxing class this last weekend. It’s nice to switch it up every now and then. Usually I just run…

Making an app is hard. Promoting it is even harder. Cheers to the indie life! 🍻

Vorto 1.0.2

Yesterday, we submitted version 1.0.2 that not only fixes a few minor bugs but also brings one big feature. The app has its voice now. Tapping on a flashcard will let you listen to the pronunciation of the word you translated. Look at it, read it and listen to it. Learning foreign languages isn’t easy so the more association you make with new words, the stronger your vocabulary will get.

I’ve spent most of my Saturday fixing bugs in Vorto and adding one, butt pretty big feature. Now that I’ve handed the app to Apple, I’m ready to enjoy The Shape of Water :-)

Hi friends! I just finished an app that make studying foreign language vocabulary more fun. Give it a try!…

Is there something going on with the iTunes store right now? ITunes Connect says ‘Ready for Sale’ but the app is nowhere to be found. Is one day delay normal? Usually this part was quite fast.

Wordpress Nerd Alert! Now you can read Wordpress blogs with your ear holes. ;-)…

If you ever feel like pushing yourself during workout, find a group of running teenagers and try to match their speed… - I feel old -


I’m working on an iOS app and I would like to share photos directly to Instagram. I’m using iOS hooks for it but instead of opening Instagram, I’m getting the share sheet first. Anyone here experienced similar issue? #help #swift

Yet another fun Sunday…

New home. #bcn

I’m switching from a 7 day Swift streak to Javascript. It takes a few minutes to re-adjust and find the rythm agian.

My new iOS app is almost ready and I would love to hear your feedback before the release. It is a workout app and testing it will require some sweat and work. First beta should be ready this week and you can register here:

Over the last few days my side project grew and matured quite a lot. If you’re a workout freak who isn’t afraid spending 30-45 minutes excersising, I might have something interesting soon :-)