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If you ever feel like pushing yourself during workout, find a group of running teenagers and try to match their speed… - I feel old -


I’m working on an iOS app and I would like to share photos directly to Instagram. I’m using iOS hooks for it but instead of opening Instagram, I’m getting the share sheet first. Anyone here experienced similar issue? #help #swift

Yet another fun Sunday…

New home. #bcn

I’m switching from a 7 day Swift streak to Javascript. It takes a few minutes to re-adjust and find the rythm agian.

My new iOS app is almost ready and I would love to hear your feedback before the release. It is a workout app and testing it will require some sweat and work. First beta should be ready this week and you can register here: fitness-deck.herokuapp.com

Over the last few days my side project grew and matured quite a lot. If you’re a workout freak who isn’t afraid spending 30-45 minutes excersising, I might have something interesting soon :-)

01110011 crying zeros and I’m hearing 111s, Δ #bcn #relaxer #alt-j

Winter without snow and freezing tempreratures? I dig it :-)

Micr.blog feed importer.

If you’re like me and your default blogging platform is micro.blog but you still have Wordpress website and would like to have your posts in there too, you my find my Wordpress plugin useful. link. It needs work so contributions are welcome. I have a public github repo for anyone who finds problems and would like to make improvements.

I really wish Wordpress was using GIT instead of SVN to host plugins….

Just some nature. Feeling pretty nostalgic about places I’ve visited this year. #Portland

Christmas… :-)

I like Christmas. I’m always able to do some work on a few on my side projects :-)

I’ve listened to a few bitcoin related podcasts the last few days. It’s mind blowing for me that wasting energy has value in modern world. I understand cracking down hashes should be rewarded…. but why not applying it to something useful? So much computation power wasted…

I finally pushed News Real 2.0. As much as I know that the app isn’t for everyone, I’m super proud with how it turned out. We re-designed the app and the landing page, made cool promo videos and update the code for iOS11. You can check out our work here: newsrealapp.com

Is there a micro blog running challenge/pin? There should be one :-) #evening5k

Lucky to live in a place where weather is beautiful and buildings are magical. However, the beaurocraccy in here is horrendous…..

I was away from my normal dev setup for two weeks. During that time I was trying to use my 12” iPad Pro for work. So obviously it failed me big time. It’s sad but a $200 chrome book with worse screen but a nicer keyboard would take me much further than a $1000 iPad.